Introduction and Cold Sores Natural Remedies

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Before going to Review the product “cold sore free forever”, I would like to give you some basic ideas about herpes and cold sore. I hope this will help you to get better understanding about the issue that you are looking for.

What are herpes and causes for cold sore?
Herpes is a virus, it is very contagious and appears as a blister on the sensitive parts of human body. Although some people show very mild or no symptoms at all. It is one of the most common types of disease found in North America, Europe and Australia. Herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2 (HSV-1, HSV-2) are responsible for cold sores and genital herpes. Type 1 virus occurs on the body parts above the waistline and type 2 virus occurs on the body parts below the waistline.

Fig: Herpes simplex virus which 1 causes for cold sores.

Fig 1: Herpes simplex virus 1             which causes cold sores.

A cold sore is also called a fever blister. Blisters are known to occur on the face, nostrils, lips, neck, ear etc. This visible occurrence of blisters presents an emotional problem to many individuals. These blisters may reoccur at any time before it becomes dormant. Once a person is infected by this cold sore virus then there is no permanent cure available on the market. One can only make the virus dormant and hope for the best. 70% of the population in Australia is affected by the herpes simplex virus.

It is a contagious virus and it spreads from one person to another very quickly. This virus spreads through saliva, physical contact, utensils, clothes and cotton used at the affected area, peeled dead skin, etc. As this virus is transmitted through humans, it is very important that you are conscientious to not transfer this virus to anyone else. Temporary treatment is available for this virus, you can keep the virus dormant under threshold level and inactive permanently through some tips and methods, which would be discussed later parts.

Fig 2 and 3: Fever blisters.

Fig 2 and 3: Fever blisters.

best treatment for fever blisters


What kinds of food you have to choose?

The herpes simplex virus needs an acidic climate to thrive and multiply. A balanced dietary approach between acidic and alkaline foods will help you in getting the much need respite from herpes simplex virus type 1. Diet restriction is very important because it can actually make the virus dormant.

Some of the foods which should be reduced or completely avoided are as follows:
Junk foods, pork, alcohol, shellfish, margarine products, artificial sweeteners, mayonnaise, caffeine, MSG, high-fat dairy products, saturated fat foods etc. Chocolates should be completely avoided by people suffering from the HSV. This virus can also get triggered from artificial sweeteners because of the chemicals and various kinds of preservatives used in them. Care should be taken to avoid acidic foods when you are suffering from herpes simplex virus.
Juices, water and milk are the best ways to stay healthy and fit. Caffeine can be consumed in a limited quantity if you are in the habit of drinking it a lot and smoking should be totally avoided.

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What is inside the ”Cold sore free forever”?

Cold sores natural remedies revealed by Dr. Derek Shepton:

The “Cold sore free forever” guide on herpes and cold sores natural remedies is written by Dr. Derek Shepton. This e-book contains 100 pages. After reviewing this book I found the following topics and tips in different chapters:
Chapter 1: discussed the introductory information about herpes, types of herpes simplex virus and the cold sore.
Chapter 2: infection locations of HSV-1 and it’s extends.
Chapter 3: clearly depicted the causes of cold sore due to HSV-1. How to attempt to combat the HSV-1 and other issues.
Chapter 4 and 5: different treatments of the cold sore, mainly on Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) and toothpaste method.
Chapter 6, 7 and 8: these are the most important chapters described alkalization and increase of body oxygen. The increase of acidity in the body makes susceptible to all kinds of diseases. Dr. Derek described how to reduce acidity and alkalize your body to get rid of HSV. Also gave detailed systemically instructions to increase body oxygen as HSV is anaerobic and cannot survive in the presence of oxygen. Also guided that what should be avoided and what should be accepted for quick remedy of cold sores.
Chapter 9: in this final part, Dr. Derek suggested that how to keep practices all tips, food habits as he talked previous chapters. You will discover how your little habit change gradually takes place to cure your cold sores and herpes. So, this guide is the best answer of “how to cure cold sores fast”?
Finally, hope you would be happy when you see that cold sores and herpes have eradicated from your life forever.

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